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The BundesForum child- and youth travel is an organisation for the area of child- and youth tourism. It combines nationwide umbrella organisations, responsible bodies and associations that underlie the guidelines of BundesForum from 1996 as a common set of quality criteria for child- and youth travel. The BundesForum provides a platform for organisation-independent discussions and innovations. Above all, quality assurance in child- and youth travel is a common concern. In the framework of BundesForum the members aim independently from their legal form at common textual objectives. The members remain self-contained. BundesForum does neither claim policy-making power nor the authority to issue instructions.

§ 1 name, domicile, registration, financial year
1. The association bears the name “BundesForum Kinder- und Jugendreisen”
2. It is based in
3. It is inscribed at the register of associations at the county court in
4. The financial year is the calendar year.

§ 2 purpose of the association
1. The association has only non-profit purposes according to the article “tax-privileged purposes” of the General fiscal law of 1977 in the appropriate relevant version.
2. The purpose of the association is to promote youth welfare service in the field of relaxation of children and youth and in pedagogical journeys abroad. We will achieve our purpose in particular by:

  • Representation of interests of members and thus of travelling children and youth
  • Representation of the special interests of child- and youth travel to third-parties
  • Interchange of pedagogical content, development and protection of pedagogical content
  • Planning and accomplishment of projects
  • Scientific research
  • Planning and accomplishment of trainings, conferences and informative events
  • Editing of Publications
  • Regular central assemblies of members

§ 3 charitable nature
1. The association works selflessly and does not act on its own behalf. It does not pursue goals primarily serving its own economic interest.
2. The association's funds may only be used for the purposes set out in the articles of association. Members do not receive an allowance from the association's funds.
3. Members are not allowed not receive anything of the association’s assets when they resign or the association closes.
4. No one may be favoured with expenditures that are alien to the purpose of the association or with disproportionately high payments.

§ 4 members
1. Any legal person may become member. They have to represent nationwide interests as child- and youth travel organisation, youth association, charity, research establishment in the area of child- and youth travel.
2. Members of the hitherto BundesForum may become a member anyway.
3. The General meeting decides about the application for membership. In the case of refusal the applicant shall have the right to justify himself in the general meeting.
4. The members pay contributions that are agreed on in the General meeting.
5. The membership ends by death, withdrawal, exclusion or closure. Withdrawal is allowed only at the end of the financial year. It has to be declared in written form to the board of directors within three months. If a member violates the objectives and interests of the association it can be excluded by the General meeting at the end of the year. The member has the right to explain itself in the General meeting before the resolution of exclusion.
6. The rights of membership of legal persons are administered by member representatives that have to be declared in written form.
7. Member organisations of federal associations for child- and youth travel as well as members of different combinations on nationwide level are excluded from membership in case the federal association is a member already.

§ 5 organs of the association
5.1. Board of directors
5.2. General meeting

5.1. Board of directors
1. The board of directors consists of the chairperson and two deputy chairpersons as well as up to 2 assessors.
2. The board of directors (§ 26 civil code) consists of a chairperson and two deputy chairpersons. They represent the association judicially and extra-judicially. Every two board members are corporately authorised to represent the association. The different working areas should be considered adequately with the election of board members. Only one Member representant per member organisation may be elected member of the board.
3. The members of the board will be elected by the General meeting for two years. Re-election is permitted. Incumbent members remain in board after their incumbency until successors were elected.
4. Board meetings take place at least twice a year. The chairperson invites the board members in written form within four weeks before the meetings.
5. The board passes resolutions by simple majority.
6. The board is responsible especially for the following tasks:

  • Calling of the General meeting
  • Realisation of resolutions of the General meeting
  • Realisation of the budget of the association

5.2. General meeting
1. The ordinary General meeting is called at least one a year. An extra-ordinary General meeting will be convened if the request stating the reasons and purposes is submitted in writing to the Board by at least a third of the members.
2. The chairman or deputy chairman calls the General Meeting of members in written form with communication of the agenda. For ordinary General Meetings the notice calling the meeting must be served at least four weeks in advance.
3. When properly called, the ordinary General meeting of members is allowed to pass resolutions. Every member has one vote. General meetings are allowed to pass resolutions if at least one third of the votes of all present members. A majority of three third of the votes of the present members who are entitled to vote is necessary for amendments of the articles of the association
4. The General meeting of members is responsible especially for:
a)      the election of the board and the auditors
b)      receiving the work record of the board
c)      receiving the report of the auditors
d)      the resolution on the formal acceptance of the Board’s action
e)      adaptation of rules of procedures
f)        resolutions about basic main focuses
g)      determination of the regulation of membership fees
h)      the resolution on the budget
i)        accepting of fiscal year end closing
j)        resolution about membership applications
k)      amendments of the articles of the association
l)        closing of the association

§ 6 recording
There have to be written resolution minutes at all meetings of the organs of the BundesForum Kinder- und Jugendreisen as well as at central working meetings. The resolution minutes contain the agenda, resolutions and a table of attendances. It has to be firmed by the secretary and the accordant chairman of the meeting.

§ 7 dissolution of the association
1. For dissolution of the Association three-fourths of the present members of a General meeting of members have to give their consent.
2. In the event of the Association’s dissolution or the loss of tax privileged purposes, its assets will fall to the working committee for youth welfare service AGJ,
Bonn. They have to use the assets directly and exclusively for non-profit purposes within the field of youth care. Agreed on in the foundation meeting on 11-17-1997, changed in § 2 and § 7 by the resolution of the General meeting on 11-03-1998.

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